Friday, May 04, 2007

40 Years, where did they all go?

Yep, you read correctly, 40 years. Today is in fact my 40th birthday. What will I be doing? Knitting in the comfort of my own home? Being wined and dined by my hubby? Nope. I'll be going to work tonight, which means I will be sleeping all day. I've baked 3 dozen cupcakes, which are cooling, and will be iced before I go to bed. Sugar up the nurses, it's how we live on the dark side.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! There is always tomorrow for a nice treat :).

Fleur--Hoggy SockPal

Judith said...

Happy Birthday! Oh, don't worry about the age. Life has been ever so much better since I came to this side of 40, and I'm sure you'll find that, too. Best wishes for many happy years!