Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Let me 'Splain....

I left home over 20 years ago. No secret there. In all of this time, not once in my recollected memories has my mother actually sent my Xmas box to arrive before the aforementioned day. It's fun actually, I get gifts twice every year. Today I got an email from her:

Yep, you got it! Today, I mailed your Christmas gifts. You know, yesterday was Orthodox Christmas, so I am really only one day late. Or something like that.

So, do you have power yet? If not, you aren't reading this email. lol

My box is on the way!!!! And yes, we do have power again, thanks to PG&E, who supplied power to the shopping centers first, then the residents and hospital of Chico, CA. Some people in town don't have power yet, and another storm is coming in tonight. Thank the Goddess for flannel sheets.