Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hogwarts Express

My pal got her package. She described it much better than I could. You can see it on her blog. The socks were a modified Jaywalker (I decreased the number of stockinette stitches per repeat) in a hand-dyed Knitpicks Gloss. I used Saphire Blue, Chestnut and Silver. The stitch markers were small skeins of the sock yarn (and I mean tiny). She asked for Lantern Moon needles, and my LYS happened to have them in stock, how lucky! I also included a skein of STR for her to try. You know how it is, the first one's free. I'm such a enabler. I think everyone should try BMFA. Then I had some fun - wool wash, emergency hand repair kit (Burt's Bees), needlework scissors, and CHOCOLATE. All in all, I think she enjoyed it. Wonder what she's going to make with the sock yarn.

On the home front, we leave in just over 10 days to make a whirlwind tour of the southwest. Actually, we're going to Tucson for the boy's graduation. Chico to LA, LA to Tucson, Tucson to Vegas, Vegas home. A friend from work will be stopping in to check on the fuzzy mistress of the house. I'm knitting her a pair of socks as payment, she picked the yarn, and I'm designing the pattern. We were talking about it the other night, so I could design a pair she'd really enjoy. The conversation went something like 'So are you a plain or ribbed sort of gal'. One of the guys actually blushed (I know where his mind was), so I explained what I was working on. He says I'm getting off easy on paying my housesitter. Easy. Hmmmm. Yes, I did explain how long a pair of socks takes to knit. He immediately reversed his position on the subject. Easy, no. Fun, Yes.

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Theresa said...

I loved the awesome package . . . and I'll let you know when I decide what to make out of the sock yarn.