Monday, September 26, 2005


Okay, maybe all this riding of the bicycle is paying off. I am down to 200 pounds (from about 230 this time last year). This means that my scrubs hang a bit looser, and well, I have a waist. Cool.

Not doing much knitting right now. Got an 88 on Med-Surg and an 84 on Peds last week. Must improve that. Back to diabetes complications. Talk to you soon.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Let the Rambling begin.....

So many lists, so little time. It's frustrating to see how this country is pulling itself apart. The anger is just too much. Many of the lists I subscribe to have people attacking each other for having an opinion. We all feel helpless. We all feel for the people in the South. But is attacking each other getting us anywhere? It's getting me depressed, that's for sure. Not attacking anyone in particular here, but what gives. Many mistakes were made, many. On ALL sides. No one person is to blame, yet everyone is. Why did those people have to languish for 5 days before getting help. Did we not learn from the Tsunami at Christmas? We sure as heck made fun of the "3rd world' nations for not being able to protect their people!!! Less than a year later, and we did no better. It's disgusting. And now listening to people fight over what now amounts to armchair quarterbacking. Get off you asses people and help someone.