Sunday, April 29, 2007

I found this quiz over at M's Musings, and i've got to see what comes up.

1. Go to Wikipedia and enter your birthday without the year:
May 4

2. List 3 events that occurred that day:

1415 - Religious reformers John Wycliffe and Jan Hus were condemned as heretics at the Council of Constance.
1471 - Wars of the Roses: The Battle of TewkesburyEdward IV defeats a Lancastrian Army and kills Edward, Prince of Wales.
1930 - British police arrest Mahatma Gandhi and place him in Yeravda Central Prison.

3. List 2 important birthdays.

1852 - Alice Pleasance Liddell, English schoolgirl model for Alice in Wonderland (d. 1934)

1008 - King Henry I of France (d. 1060)

4. List 1 death:

5 List one holiday or observance
International No Pants Day

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