Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The unwilling vegetarian

The trip went well. More on that later. First we must discuss the unwilling vegetarian - Me!

On the way home I developed my first (and hopefully, last) gallstone attack. If you have never experienced this, it is pain unlike anyother. Worse than childbirth, even. Breath sapping, unwilling to move, unable to sit still, piercing through to your back pain. I endured this for six hours in a car on the way home (at the time hubby claimed it was my way of getting out of driving, he has since appologetically recanted).

Upon arriving home, it had calmed a bit, enough so that I believed that this was merely constipation or something. The nurse in me had indeed already palpated Murphy's point, but we were ignoring her for the time being. I woke several hours later starving, and had peanut butter toast. Bad choice. This lead to a trip to prompt care, who scheduled an ultrasound and gave me drugs and instructions for a low fat diet. The next morning I had the ultrasound - gallstones- and went home. There I had the last of my chicken pizza (no cheese) and commence the pain cycle once again. When the chills/rigors began I went to the ER. They rehydrated me, suggested surgery (non-emergent - apparently pain doesn't qualify as life threatening) and a no fat diet. Here is the dilemma: no fat. What follows is a partial list of what I cannot have:
gravies, sauces
ice cream
peanut butter
salad dressing

Any other suggestions? Any ideas about what I can eat? I've got salad with beans, no dressing; fruit; rice cakes; malt-o-meal/oatmeal.

This is boring folks. I need help in a big bad way. Don't get me started on finding a surgeon - that seems to take an act of God.

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