Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Oh WOW!!! We Won

there was a problem on the STR site (still is, I think). W's in the subject line lead to issues with posting and replies. There was a contest to write something funny about it. My hubby helped me, along with a couple of thesauri, to write an involved couple of statements overflowing with w's. For this I win a skein of STR in Waterlilies. YIPEE!!!! Below is the post:

We wouldn’t want the waspish wights of wacky worldwide weirdness to wantonly get in the way of our wooly whistfulness by watching it wander willy-nilly into the wastelands of wayward wasted words, would we? And wheresofor as we, the wisened wordsmiths, were wondering if we could withstand the worn-out whoop-de-doo of would-be wicked whelps by writing as many W’s as we could get away with, we wound our way through the weary world of tongue-wagging warriors of technological weakness to work our way to well-being through the sheer willpower of words.

Wilhelmina, the willful wonder wallaby

Thank you BMFA. It was fun!!!

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