Thursday, April 26, 2007

I married a BOY

Yes, this was apparent before the honeymoon. Proper equipment and all. But sometimes I get reminded that he is indeed a boy. Like this week...

Me (after my meeting, before going to bed): Did you eat?
Him: Yeah, I ate the last of the ham.
Me: The stuff I bought 5 days ago?
Him: Yeah, but it tasted like butter. (confused tone)
Me: Well, of course it did. It's 5 days old. My rule is 3 days in the fridge, just 3 days. (giggling)
Him: That explains the upset stomach.
Me: You did it again, didn't you? Food poisoning. (tittering)
Him: Well, I ran out last weekend, so I rationed it this time.
Me: I bought extra because you ran out. (laughing)
Him: Well, that explains why it lasted so long.

This is not the first time, nor will it be the last. Twenty-four hours of tummy funk, followed by another 24-48 of random gas clouds. As a nurse I should be a bit more compassionate. But that's hard to do when your married to someone who does this not once, not twice, but at least annually.

I definitely married a boy.


Anonymous said...

that is just sooo funny!

Fluer.... ;)

Rebecca said...

Well...just wait dear! After you have been married twenty-four years to a boy the gas clouds and upset stomachs happen more than twice a year! teehheee

Mikki said...

Oh, we've been married 10 years. For the first few we didn't know he was lactose intolerant. It's gotten better, he just has relapses. Still, I couldn't imagine life without him.