Saturday, March 31, 2007

Book Rant

Dear Mssrs. Blargs and Nobodys,
When I moved to this small town in Northern California, I did not realize that you had cornered, nay seized, the market on new books. I had become spoiled by my favorite bookstores in Sonoma County, who worked diligently to provide me with my coveted reads on the day they were released. To my disapppointment, you seem to not be quite so interested in my needs/desires. Perhaps it is because you are, in fact, the only game in town. This seems to be a theme in this town. I am not enthralled by your decor, or you snobbish choices in offerings. You don't even carry the New Yorker for heaven's sake.
All I wanted was the Yarn Harlot's new book, Casts Off. I had hoped for it to be available on the day it was released. I was even willing to wait for another day if need be, seeing that we are in the sticks. Your staff informs me that they don't know when it will arrive, maybe Monday. Sadly disappointing for a national chain, don't you think? Perhaps you don't consider knitters a force to be reconned with. Perhaps you consider us a passing fad.
If I had another choice, I would purchase my books elsewhere. Maybe I should consider online from perhaps Amazing books?
Frustrated with needles poised.

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