Friday, March 30, 2007

Where did you go today?

Yesterday, we rented a car and a hotel room and went to Santa Rosa.

We saw some friends who are moving to Utah.

Today, I was part of the lecture for the graduating nursing class called 'Graduate Panel'. This is where last year's grads get to pass on their pearls of wisdom to this year's bunch. I spoke for about 5 minutes about: compassion for self, help is not just a 4-letter word, you will never be alone again (except for NCLEX), and the miracle that is computerized charting. It went well. It was fun.

Then we drove home.

Before we left, I washed some socks and laid them out to dry. They were loosely blocked and lying neatly on the screen. Upon arriving home, I found that some were flat, some askew,

and someone looking fairly smug.

I forgot, she loves wool and hates us to leave. I just hope she didn't drool this time.

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