Monday, November 19, 2007

'It's prettier', and other musings

I went to look at laptop computers yesterday and a big name store. When I approached one of their 'Nerds' to ask what the advantage of Vista was compared to XP, I was told 'it's prettier'. What kind of answer was that? I don't need a 'prettier' operating system that uses a ton of memory just to run. I was also informed that I could have XP installed, but that it would cost me $350 more. I'm left wondering what this scam is, and if there will be compatibility issues with components of my new computer and it's XP OS, because I just flat out refuse to install a 'prettier' OS. Prettier indeed. What part of a short tomboy haircut, ripped shirt, old jeans, no purse and no makeup/nailpolish says I give a rats bitty backside about 'prettier'?

I ended up in Tucson last week. With a long list of things to do, and bit to wait until stores opened, I called my mom to chat for a bit. Ended up she was sick, dangerously sick, and home alone with my grandson. I made a few calls, got her to the ED and J to my sisters for care until E came home from her 2nd day on the new job and hopped a plane. I spent 3 days caring for my 62 year old mother and 5 month old grandbaby. Not a bad experience all-in-all. Mom's doing better, no longer dehydrated to the point of dizzy and passing out. She's still doing tests to figure out what was going on, but she's better. I think she needs to lose her waste of a boyfriend, but that's something she'll have to come to on her own. And J was just the best baby, not a bit of trouble, all smiles and new tricks. Wow.

I've been knitting up a storm, not that I can post any of it. Yep, Yule knitting season is upon us at Snuzzleheim. DH just stays out of the way, and brings tea/juice/hugs when needed. Socks are this year's theme, although there are a few baby sweaters thrown in for fun. I've been informed that J needs hats/mittens/socks as well. We've all heard about Stephanie's "IT", well I had mine under control. I was even on schedule. Then new projects kept cropping up. Where do they come from? They just add themselves to the queue. I'll post photos as soon as I can.

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