Friday, August 10, 2007

Owl Post

My owl from my Hogwart's Pal was delayed. Apparently, he took the scenic route. My package was well worth the wait, though. Fleur is a wonderful knitter. My Ravenclaw socks fit perfectly!! I will be wearing them to work tomorrow night. I've put the soap in my sock drawer, and the stitch markers will be used very soon for a lace piece I'm starting (Triinu's shawl). I absolutely love Crystal Palace needles. She also generously included a skein of yarn in a colorway that is perfect. I'd never seen this yarn company before, will definitely check them out.

Thank you Fleur!!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome, welcome :). It was a pleasure knitting the mini-monkeys for you. I kept thinking about you all the time and saying...hmmm, I hope they fit. I included the little bit of yarn left-over just in case they get a little hole on the heel after being worn for a few months.

I really hope you like them :) and that they fit.

Thanks for being my pal ;)

Lacey said...

those are some cool socks.

Linda said...

Mikki, thanks for your comment on my blog re: Cat Bordhi's new book! I haven't cast on yet because I am so far behind in my sock knitting. My RSC kit arrived Thursday, have you received yours yet?