Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter or Knitting?

It's Tuesday. I don't have to work tonight (({{( happy dance )}})). I've worked the last 3 and I'm off. Now the dilemma:

I've got a pair of Loksins, that I am knitting according to the instructions even though I prefer toe up and short row heel construction, out of STR Love in Idleness. I highly recommend this pattern. It is clear, and lovely. My yarn access drastically decreases when I work (like none at all, except may be a casual pet on my way out the door). I'm feeling the withdrawal. I need wool.

I am on chapter 15 of the new Harry Potter book. Fascinating reading. Wonderfully crafted. Again, greatly interrupted by what I have to do to support my hot water habit, and my wool habit, and that food thing. Oh, and then there's the whole roof issue. (as in needing one, makes the sleeping much more pleasurable). Hubby's almost done with it. This is the first time in our marriage that he has finished a book before me. My honor is tarnished!

Do I read, or knit? No I can't do both, I'm working a gusset with a patterned stitch. I can't even watch the Tour de France and knit this one.

By the way, stop on over to see Thomasina. She's got a great idea, perfectly executed I must add, for creating a sock with a lacy cuff that hides the ribbing to help keep it up. I've gotta try this!

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