Monday, October 23, 2006

Life + families + relationships = Who Am I?

Are you sitting down? Good. I wasn't.

A girl I know got pregnant a while back. She was in no position to raise a baby. Her mother adopted the baby, making the baby her sister. Confused yet? No. Keep reading.

Fast forward about 20 years (yes, I said 20). Baby is now having a baby. And that makes the girl (besides an older woman)....

a). An aunt (again, number 13 if she is counting correctly)?
b). A grandmother?
c). Something else?
d). Extremely proud regardless.

No gorey details. They are not important right now. The question remains, who am I? I did not raise this child, although I have been involved/helped/we know each other well. So, I am not Grandma (my mom is Grammy). People keep saying grandma, but I don't know. I guess some very real conversations are in order.

In the mean time, I am starting this.

Because, I believe in heirlooms and starting traditions.

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