Thursday, September 28, 2006

I've been socked...

harmless looking puffy envelope arrived today. I brought it in the house. I'm not dead yet, I thought. I opened the package and was mesmerized by the soft alpaca, a glorious lavender. I'm only dead if I wear them I said. They whispered seductively. 'Wear us, it's safe. You're only dead if you wear us out of the house. No one will know.' I doubted but tried them on. Exquisite, nothing to compare, oblivion, bliss, darkness. They lied.

Photo to follow later.


thomasina said...

Yes, there's no escaping the Alpaca. Sure they look cute and cuddly but they pack a heck of a punch!

thomasina said...

Hope this reaches you all - I've been having a lot of MailMarshal bounce-backs when trying to inform Mikki of her impending doom.

Alas I'm dead too! However, at the last time of looking my assassain tigerlilith was still alive and knitting! I've copied her into this email.

So if I understand this right, Vick should send her unfinished socks to Lilith(?!)

Best wishes to all