Thursday, June 14, 2007

Vicodin and knitting are mutually exclusive

I've been on a lot of Vicodin lately. Apparently, there was a wrestling match involved in the removal of my gallbladder - previous scar tissue got in the way. This means lingering pain of the unhappy sort. I tried driving yesterday - 4 whole miles!! That was it.

Back to the knitting. I can turn toes/heels on Vicodin. I cannot successfully execute involved sock patterns. Lace shawl is right out. The sweater I was prototyping went well until I three needle bound off two pieces - no real movement, must take that out (it's a surprise, I'll show you when it works).

I can knit soakers. So I am. By the way 3 cm, 70% effaced, and lost mucus plug. Any bets as to whether I can get there in time? Not contracting yet, but she's further along than I was with her.

Soakers it is. Are their butts really that small? Oh, I remember, small and cute.


Judith said...

Hey, thanks for the heads up on Vicodin and knitting! I'm having a hysterectomy in about a month and these are important things to know! Seriously, though, I hope you heal well and quickly. /jb

Rebecca said...

So glad the Vicodin is working for you,it never works for me. Sorry about all your pain. Hopefully, it will go away as you heal..the six week marker is usually what I aim at.