Tuesday, December 13, 2005


It's over!!!!! This semester is finally over! I managed a high B. Not too bad with everything else going on. I got my assignment for next semester - I'll be at Sutter with Rose B. I hear she is wonderful, if a bit strict. But, HEY, I could use a little reigning in every once in a while. Looks as though the new study system is working well. Now I just have to pack out this semester and make way for the next. Oh, and move the desk (Annually shuffling of the stuff. Remember that game with the little squares on a board, and one was missing, and you could only move four directions to get everything in place. It's something like that.)

Now for the knitting. Yes, I did buy some victory yarn yesterday. I've got this whole moebius-strip-felted-basket thing going on. Got to organize the yarn over the break, too. It's amazing how the stuff managed to find it's way to my desk. I swear, I had nothing to do with it. But one day I found 3 different projects on my desk. I think the stuff grows legs and walks there on it's own.

Just for the record, root canals are to be avoided at all costs. Just in case you were wondering.

Well, it's off to school. Yes, school. I have a test to take. This one is for practice, it does not count. When facing a $350 liscensure exam, all practice tests are a god send. And when they are free, they're a gift. Gotta Go.

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