Monday, December 31, 2007

I call a 'Do-Over"

Happy National Do-Over Day!!! (otherwise known as New Year's)

All things that happened last year that were less than stellar are over. Mistakes past. Angry words, gone. Today you have a chance to change it all. Sounds like a commercial, doesn't it? Well, maybe it is. Maybe you need a Do Over. You remember those, when we were kids. Call a Do Over. May the new year a beautiful one, full of promise and joy.

Just Do Over, differently.

Mikki and the rest of Snuzzleheim

Friday, December 14, 2007

Yes, I'm still knitting

Frantically, in fact. Unfortunately, most of it is for Yule, and can't be posted yet. My family sporadically checks my blog. I will post photos in a couple of weeks. And then there is the birthday surprise for my little sister! She will, in fact, cry. This project is a joint mission, paid for by me, pulled off by my mom, and being delivered by my not-so-little brother.

On the AWWWW front:
One brother is home from Iraq, just a couple of days ago. It was his second tour, and was extended this time, so we were kind of holding our breaths about whether he'd actually come home. Welcome Home Doug!!! Your kids and wife need you. We all are getting why you're spending the holidays at home. I think a nice quiet Xmas is in order.
Little brother Brad is home from the Marine Corps for the holidays. (Grab some Kleenex now, I'll wait) He only told two sisters that he was coming home. Em picked him up at the airport on Tuesday night around 11pm, and drove him to his fiance's house, who only knew a surprise was being delivered around midnight. Emma sat in the car to see her reaction. Apparently, Becca practically tackled him on the lawn. The next morning (Wednesday) my unsuspecting mother was leaving me a message on my phone telling me Jake's chest measurement and how surprised she was about how big babies really are from numbers standpoint, when she dropped the phone and disconnected it as Brad and Becca walked in the front door. She called back a little bit excited. Happiness all around. Hooray, my mom has no children in a war zone this holiday season!!

Hope your holidays are just as special. Blessings from our house to yours.