Sunday, May 28, 2006

Announcing Nurse Mikki!!!!!

Yes, it's true. Graduation week festivities are over. I am in fact a nurse. A real live nurse. With a job and a stethoscope and scrubs (they're not white anymore) and half a clue. Only half you say? Well, I have learned far too much to think I have a complete clue, that would be just plain silly. I have come to the conclusion that if they had even tried to teach us everything in nursing school, my head would have literally exploded.

I walked commencement yesterday. I cried. We all laughed. It was incredible. Orientation in about 9 days. Wow!!

We are now living strictly in Chico. No more going back and forth to Santa Rosa. Just for the record - air matresses may be fun for a night, but not for 5. Oh, and I probably should not be driving a 26' truck, judging by the pasted mailbox at the old house. OOPS!!

Will post pictures soon.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Knitting World Cup

Do I follow soccer? Nope. Can I pass up a self-imposed knitting challenge? Of Course Not!!! I will be participating in the Knitting World Cup. Cast on to bind off/blocked in 30 days? No sweat. Only I'll be creating my own sweater, lace, based on a shawl pattern, using alpaca clound. Where's the whistle? Now, if I could just figure out where I packed my knitting needles.....

Friday, May 12, 2006

Pinch Me

Apparently, It's not a dream. This is the life you were warned about. The one you get when you put your nose to the grindstone and focust. The one you get when you work your butt off, be good, and eat your veggies. The one you get when you deserve it....

What they don't warn you about is the flip side. Packing. Everything. For one swift (yeah, right) move.

And now, my yarn is calling to me in that 'come hither' voice. It's designing a sweater (details to come, I hope) out of lace weight sage alpaca. Yeah, a lace sweater - in the summer. I'm moving to the central valley for chissakes. Yeah, I'll be knitting it. (Sweater inspired by this weeks Harlot)

First, I have to pack. Did I mention everything? Boxes, must get more boxes.....

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Boxes, boxes, and more boxes

I am sooooo sick of packing. We're up to 20 + boxes of books. Just books. Nothing else. And we're not done yet. Two more weeks to the move day. Better get a move on.